Space Invaders in Hong Kong: Conclusion of the hunt!

I’m afraid the Space Invader hunt has come to an end…

On one of Invader’s Instagram photos, I read there were 48 pieces from the latest Hong Kong invasion. Thanks to my friend Louis, I was able to locate the last missing Space Invader in my collection. I found it close to the Stanley Pier and the Murray House, feeling happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because I was lucky enough to find and see most of them before they were destroyed. Sad, because the hunt is now over.

May I now present, the last missing Space Invader:

No. 42 on the map: A Black Blue Space Invader at Stanley Pier.

In order to round off the hunt, I’ve added the following pictures of those six Space Invaders that had already been taken down by the time I managed to find their locations. One of those pictures was given to me by my friend Lory, the others were posted on Invader‘s and bibohk‘s Instagram pages:

No. 43: This Large Red Invader could be found on Lockhart Road:

Large Red Invader, Lockhart Road
Large Red Invader, Lockhart Road (Photo by bibohk)

No. 44: A Light Blue Invader used to be on top of “Bee Cheng Hiang” and right in the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay.

Light Blue Invader, Causeway Bay
Light Blue Invader, Causeway Bay (Photo by invaderwashere)

No. 45: This White/Blue Invader was located very close to the TST ferry pier and the Clock Tower with a great view onto Hong Kong island.

White Blue Invader, TST
White Blue Invader, TST (Photo by bibohk)

No. 46: This Small Gold/Blue Invader at Shek O Beach unfortunately didn’t survive for long.

Gold Blue Invader, Shek O Beach
Gold Blue Invader, Shek O Beach (Photo by bibohk)

No. 47: A Big Super Mario Ghost at Big Wave Bay. Removed due to superstition?!

Super Mario Ghost, Big Wave Bay
Super Mario Ghost, Big Wave Bay (Photo by bibohk)

No. 48: This Ghost was located close to the historic Magistracy building in Central.

Ghost, Central
Ghost, Central (Photo by Lory)

P.s. A couple of days ago the Wall Street Journal published  a very interesting interview with Invader in its “Scene Asia” column.

4 thoughts on “Space Invaders in Hong Kong: Conclusion of the hunt!

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  1. congrats on your spaceinvader journey! seems like your efforts have paid off! was wondering if you were able to locate the “legendary” princess peach piece posted early on in invaders instagram. seems this one is still a mystery

    1. I would love to see that one too! Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue where it is. I only heard through the grapevine that it might be inside a soon-to-open restaurant/gallery/store (?) on Ladder Street (pretty close to the Man Mo Temple) associated with “Bibo”, who, according to the Wall Sreet Journal article (you can find the link to that article in this blog entry), is a good friend of Invader and is about to launch “an incredible art project in town”. Let’s see…

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