Bo Law and the Whale

Hong Kong illustrator and artist Bo Law creates fantastic worlds brimming with quirky characters and imaginative architecture often using barely more than a marker.  In 2018, a whale appeared in his murals for the first time. Since then, it has become one of his favourite subjects to paint. Why? Because this majestic creature symbolises hope... Continue Reading →

Taka x Musubi Hiro

Taka’s signature style is a whirlwind of lines and colours combined with elements of design, architecture, nature and portraiture. Since late June his cool style can be seen above the doors of soon-to-open izakaya/ gastropub Musubi Hiro on Cochrane Street.  I caught up with Taka on his final day of painting to talk to him... Continue Reading →

Go Hung – Hong Kong’s Warhol?!

A classic pop art image, Warhol’s Campbell soup represents an everyday household item turned into art. Local artist Go Hung’s equivalent to Warhol’s Campbell soup is the ubiquitous Good Morning towel.  Good Morning towels??? Let me quickly introduce them. Good Morning towels are lengthy white cotton towels with a red bilingual “Good Morning” print. They... Continue Reading →

Barlo, aka Gianluca Crudele, has currently a solo exhibition Zhi the Outlaw showing at Square Street Gallery (until June 18th, 2021). With this body of work he tells the story of fictional character Zhi from the Taoist text Zhuangzi. Best of all, Barlo lets the story of Zhi spill right out onto the street by... Continue Reading →

Reflections – Alex Croft’s latest mural

Alex Croft's mural Yaumati in Central's Graham Street is doubtlessly one of Hong Kong's best-known murals. Since its creation for lifestyle store G.O.D. in 2012, it has appeared in countless Instagram posts, even became known as "THE Instagram Wall". The mural depicts a quintessential Hong Kong streetscape reminiscing the distinctively different facades of old school... Continue Reading →

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