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Hong Kong Phooey by Invader

Hi there fellow street art lovers, 

my name is Alex and I was born and bred in Berlin, Germany at a time when Berlin was the city with the biggest continuous graffiti canvas in the world, the Berlin Wall. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until around 2010 that I fell in love with street art. 

I still vividly remember the moment that got me hooked. It was a grey and rainy summer day in my hometown. Hunched under my umbrella, I was walking down Friedrichstrasse starring at the wet pavement, lost in thought until somehow out of nowhere the words “Das ist doch kein Wetter” (roughly: “This is really crappy weather”) starred straight at me from underneath my feet. I instantly forgot about the grey rainy weather. Instead, I had big smile on my face. I felt understood, thinking “someone out there feels exactly the same as I do.”

From that moment onwards, I became what is colloquially known as a street art hunter. Someone who is always very attentive to its surroundings and on the lookout for street art in all its shapes and sizes, capturing it with a camera anytime anywhere. 

Wondering how I got from Berlin to Hong Kong?! 

Easily explained, around the same time that I discovered my passion for street art, I also started life as a flight attendant. That job proved to be a dream come true for a street art hunter since it allowed me to go and chase street all around the globe. Which I did until 2017 when I decided to settle in Hong Kong for good in order to be with my hubby for more than just a couple of months out of the year (nope, I did not meet him on board but during a night of swing dancing in Hong Kong). Of course, I brought along my passion for street art and decided to share it in the shape of street art tours.

Along the way, I also started my Instagram account streetartorama to share my street art discoveries. But since IG is focused primarily on the image and there is not enough room for the stories surrounding the art and its creators, I decided to start StreetArtOrama the blog, too. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.  



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