Space Invaders in Hong Kong: Survivors and a Newcomer.

The Newcomer

At the beginning of December last year a new Invader piece was spotted in Hong Kong. It didn’t take long and the first pictures popped up across Instagram. With a little bit of asking around and researching maps, I managed to find it. May I present, Invader’s latest coup in Hong Kong:

This piece is located on Nathan Road in Mongkok, across from the Pioneer Shopping Centre (750 Nathan Road).

The Survivors

Luckily a few of the pieces that Invader put up at the beginning of last year have survived the removal craze of the Hong Kong officials. The following ones were recently still around (the numbers in the brackets refer to the numbers on the map that I created at the beginning of the year):

The girl on Ladder Street and the corner of Queen’s Road Central (No. 3):

The dollar sign on Kai Chiu Road, right across from Hysan Place (No. 16):

P1240189 (1024x1024)

Kung fu fighter:

P1310714 (1024x1024)

The kung fu fighter at the corner of Wing Hing and Hing Fat streets (No. 24):

P1230278 (1024x682)

The kung fu fighter in Kowloon. Last time I checked, the building was under renovation and the kung fu fighter was almost completely covered by the scaffolding. I hope it will survive the renovation.

P1220757 (682x1024)

Hong Kong Phooey on Argyle Street and the corner of Sai Yee Street (No. 30). This building recently underwent renovations as well. It’s great that Hong Kong Phooey is still there, unfortunately there is now a pipe in front of it.

I haven’t recently had a chance to check the pieces in Stanley (No. 32 and No. 42) or the one in Sham Shui Po (No. 37). If someone has any news on those, I would love to hear about it. Thanks :).

P.S. To “complete” the list of Invader’s work in Hong Kong last year, I should mention that he didn’t only grace Hong Kong’s streets with his mosaics, but a French restaurant in Sheung Wan as well. This restaurant is called Bibo and it is home to two more of Invader’s fabulous works, an 8-bit princess as well as a Mega Man. These two are in good company, since Bibo almost bursts with amazing contemporary (street) art of artists such as Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koons, KAWS, JR, D*Face or Vhils. So much artsy goodness in one space, it surely sounds like a must-go-to-place, doesn’t it?! Well, if you do, be prepared to part with a good amount of money for food and drink because coming in for just admiring the art is not overly appreciated, unless you are some kind of VIP. (It’s the least fun when the manager is around!). It hurts to say out loud but at the end of the day Bibo, unfortunately, is just another soulless and pretentious restaurant that disguises itself as a chilled artsy hangout. I guess, taking street art of the street comes with a price after all…

P.P.S. The best bet of seeing the art at Bibo’s without “disturbing” other guests or going broke is going for a drink at the bar later in the evening on a weekday.

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      1. Nina, thanks so much for the info :). I had already heard about the exhibition but to my great dismay, I can’t visit it :(. I’ll be in Europe for work and won’t make it back in time :(… I hope you’ll have the chance to go. Enjoy :).

  1. Great map. My first time exploring space invaders in Hong Kong.
    But the mirror one is already gone when I checked today. Gosh, they really try hard. 😦
    I’m a few years late.

  2. Today I went to Ladder Street. The girl is gone too. They really try hard to wipe out everything before the wipe out exhibition starts.
    I’ll probably be in Stanley tomorrow. I will report if these are gone too.
    So sad.

    1. Hi Mike, I’m sad to hear that so many more have disappeared and am sorry that your visits to the pieces were futile :(. Thanks so much for the update, though. I hope, you’ll have the time to visit “Wipe out”. It looks like it’s going to be a great exhibition :). I wish, I could be there too…

  3. I’m leaving on the 2nd, late night. Just enough time to visit the exhibition before I leave. Perfect timing. 😀
    And I just had a chance to spot a new one. In Shin Hing St., right below PMQ. Walk down the street a few steps, turn around, then you see it on the left. Dragon invader. Wow.
    On my way to Stanley…. 🙂

  4. The one in Stanley is still there. And here is another new one:
    North Point:
    Walk North Point Road north until the end then turn left into Wharf Road. After round 100m look up to the left and you will see it next to a big Korean restaurant.
    I guess this will not be the last one that pops up. Wave 5 is just starting. 🙂

    1. Thanks again for the update and even more so for the location of the new ones 😃👍. I can’t wait to check them out when I get back to Hong Kong, hopefully, they’ll still be around… Enjoy the exhibition 😃, from what I have seen on Instagram, it must be amazing!!!

  5. Exhibition was indeed amazing. With the space1/space2 screening and many installations. I’m sure you already saw a lot on instagram. And the next Hong Kong invasion is running full force. I can’t wait to be back and try to find them all. I hope, just like you, that they will be still around then.

    1. Hi Mike, Thanks for reporting the location of two of the new invaders, I’d love to hear of any more you find! Nina 🙂

      1. Nina, have you found out if the Pac Man in Tin Hau was really restored? Because that newspaper article was from last year when some people “restored” it with plastic tiles. I still remember hearing and reading about it but didn’t get around to check it out before it was removed.

    1. Awesomeness :)!!! Thank you so much Nina :). I’ll be in Hong Kong at the end of May for two short days and with the help of your map, I can make the most of it :). Thanks again :).

      1. I haven’t checked the Pacman yet. I’ll keep the map up to date, let me know if you have any info to add after your hunt 🙂

  6. The ‘new’ Pacman has been taken down :(. I’ve added the survivors to my map. I’d love to meet a fellow street art enthusiast. If you like let me know when you’ll be at PMQ as part of your hunt and I’ll meet you there 🙂 I think you have my email.

  7. Hi Nina,

    thanks for this great work. You guys are awesome! I love your maps!!
    I’ll be back in October and I just hope the city is not wiped out again until then!
    I just came back from Paris and Cologne, Luckily I had some time to meet to hunt down a few invaders! 😛



  8. Hi there. I heard good news from Hong Kong: The Invader at Nathan Road 750 was reactivated!! 😀
    Are there any others been reactivated? I hope this time there is not another wipe out!



    1. Hi Mike,
      sorry for the late reply, I just recently got back to Hong Kong and didn’t really have the chance to catch up on the Invaders yet. Only recently, I managed to pass by a couple, so here is what I know:
      From the early invasions, there are some remains of HK_23. HK_03 is back, well, it was at least when I passed by in late May, I hope it is still there. HK_25 was recently redone but it looks like it’s either falling apart or people trying to pick it :(… I haven’t seen HK_20 myself but saw on Invader’s Instagram that it was back.

      From last year’s invasion, HK_33 is unfortunately gone now. There are a few remains of HK_46 but HK_40 and HK_56 are still around their full glory.

      Generally and luckily, there are still quite a few around from the most recent invasion in May. Doesn’t look like another wipe out :).
      Cheers, Alex

      1. Thanks Alex for the update. It seems that the reactivation keeping running. That’s great.
        I’ll be back in October and will try to check out most locations. It will be a busy trip! 🙂

        Have a good time in Hong Kong. If you are still around in October, maybe we can have a beer or so together! 🙂

        Take care,

      2. Hi Mike, your time in Hong Kong must be coming up :). Unfortunately, I won’t be around :(. Otherwise, I would have loved to have a beer and talk about street art. I would have also loved to hear about the Invader locations in Cologne since I’ll will be going there soon. Enjoy your time in Hong Kong :). All the best, take care, Alex

  9. Hi Alex,

    Somehow my last post got lost. Sorry about that. My Hong Kong trip was great. I was able to visit all remaining invaders. Would be nice toto meet one day.
    If you still need some help with cologne just let me know. Including the two new reactivations. 🙂
    As you probably already know, you can find me in insta under a name very similar to my email address. I’m one of your follower. 🙂
    I can PM you if you need a hint.

    Have a good day,


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