Space Invaders in Hong Kong: The hunt continues!

Just a quick update on the Space Invader hunt: I was able to locate three more Space Invaders.

No. 39: Adorable Twins! You’ll find them right ahead of you if you take the stairs up to Battery Path from Queen’s Road Central.

No. 40: This Large Light Blue Invader doesn’t only look cool but you’ll also have a great view onto some of Hong Kong’s iconic skyscrapers like I.M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower or César Pelli’s IFC2.

No. 41: One more set of Twin Invaders. You’ll find them at feet level once you start heading around the Peak on Lugard Road (start to the right of “The Peak Lookout” restaurant, it’s about 300 m in).

P.s. I just got the info that No. 05, the Large Red Invader close to the Central Ferry Pier, has been partly destroyed :(. Thanks for the info JM.

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  1. Wow – thanks for sharing all those updates. I’m marking them on my list too, so far I’ve only seen a few of the invaders and just by coincidence. I love that you are trying to track them down and adding their location to your map. Well done! I’ll stay tuned for more updates!

    1. I’m more than happy to share my Space Invader discoveries with everyone :). They are so much fun to look at and it would be a shame keeping the knowledge of their location to myself, especially since the officials here in Hong Kong are so quick in removing them. Enjoy :).

  2. I’ve been on the hunt for these 8-bit art too! Such a shame the ones in Tai Hung have now been taken down. Glad I’m not the only one who appreciates them. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Space Invaders’ location. More than 10 of them were gone while I start searching for them. 😦
    And want to let you know that No. 33 (tilted white/blue invaders)was destroyed, when I visited it on Mar 2 (Sun).

      1. No.31 was also destroyed when I visited on Mar 7 (Fri), and seems that No. 41 (on the Peak one) was also gone, I have walked more than 300m of Lugard Road, but cannot find that twins on Mar 7 (Fri).
        About No.40, I have taken mini bus No.1 to go to the Peak, and it passed Magazine Road, I can’t see the large light blue invader… do anyone know whether it’s gone or just I miss it?

      2. Sorry for the delayed reply but thanks so much for the info, I’ll update my map. If you didn’t see No. 40 on Magazine Gap Road while driving by with the mini bus I’m afraid it’s gone:( because it was quite prominent and well visible. The Space Invaders are disappearing so quickly that by now, they seem to be hardly more than a faint memory :(…

  4. Some great work here. Well done on your map. I am going to use it and try to locate as many that still exist as possible.

    1. Hi Raymond,
      I haven’t updated my blog or the Invader map for quite a while 😅. Nina (McGrath) on the other hand still takes good care of her updates 🙂. So in order not to be standing in front of to many „has beens“, check out her map which you can find in her blog entry: (Scroll all the way down to the Invader passage of the entry and click the link to that map.) Happy hunting 🙂👍.
      Cheers, Alex

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