A different kind of Street Art: Yarn Bombing

While chasing Space Invaders throughout Hong Kong, I came across quite a different type of street art: “yarn bombing” or “graffiti knitting”. In graffiti terms “bombing” describes the common practice of covering a whole area with tags. “Yarn bombing” simply combines this practice with the “grandmotherly” activity of knitting, adding a whole new and creative meaning to it. Knitting needles and wool in the hands of a graffiti knitter can turn even the blandest things such as railings or pipes into colorful pieces of street art. This rather recent addition to the street art scene, which is believed to have its roots in Houston, Texas, has now hit the streets of Hong Kong. Esther Poon, who started her activities back in 2012, is Hong Kong’s best known graffiti knitter. It was her works that I encountered in Central and the Tai Ping Shan area covering various railings and pipes. I’m curious what she’ll wrap up next?!

UPDATE (on Feb. 27, 2014):

I was able to shoot a couple of daytime photos of the yarn bombing pieces on Pottinger Street:

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