Taking Street Art off the Street – Part 2: HOPARE paints at Boujis

It rarely happens that one gets to see street artists live and in action. Last Friday, though, presented one of those rare occasions. The online gallery Street Art Fever and the night club Boujis joined forces and presented a live painting session with the French-Portuguese street artist HOPARE.

The night club presented an unusual but very laid-back location for the event. Comfy seats, lounge music and good drinks presented a great way to enjoy a live painting performance. I greatly enjoyed observing the creative process and, for once, seeing with my own two eyes just how much effort goes into the creation of the art work.

The painting in the club hopefully won’t be the only work HOPARE did in Hong Kong. I surely hope that some of his colorful and intricate art will also appear in the streets of Hong Kong and grace some of its walls.

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