Chasing Space Invaders throughout Hong Kong

A huge Pac-Man chasing after three little ghosts was the first of Invader‘s works that I recently discovered while riding the tram to Shau Kei Wan. I was suuuper excited! Seeing his work on such a large scale and in such a visible place, though, came as a surprise to me. Hong Kong has quite an active street art scene, nevertheless, it unfortunately still is an illegal activity, here as much as in many other cities around the globe. Even the local street artists seem to avoid conflicts with the police by mainly executing their works off the main thoroughfares, in those typical little side streets, hidden from the sight of the officials. Invader on the other hand chose a very visible spot along a big street. Big colorful tiles on a grey stone wall. Respect. During the last couple of days, I discovered more and more of his works. So many that I almost suspected the work of a copycat. But then I came across an article in the South China Morning Post that featured almost a whole page on Invader and his very recent works in Hong Kong. So all these magnificent pieces of street art were his indeed. “AWESOME!”, I thought to myself and started to make a conscious effort to discover even more. So far I have found 24 space invaders across Hong Kong Island and I hope to discover more soon in other parts of Hong Kong.

True to the spirit of street art, which is meant to be free and accessible to everyone, I would like to share what I have found so far by posting these pictures along with a map of their locations.

Click here to get to the map I created:  Space Invaders HK Google Maps

No. 01 on the map is a “fruit bowl”, placed right above a produce shop:

No. 02 is a small red invader:

No. 03 is a girl. Is she chased or accompanied by an Invader? Decide yourself!

No. 04 is a Big Blue Invader right next to a staircase:

No. 05 is a Large Red Invader underneath the foot bridge to the Central Piers:

No. 06 is an Black/Orange Invader close to LKF:

No. 07 is a Golden Dollar Sign on a column close to the Bank of China building…

No. 08 is a Money Bag, also in very close proximity to the Bank of China…

No. 09 is a Big Green Invader:

No. 10 is a Gold/Red Invader which can be nicely seen from the tram:

No. 11 is a Large Ghost, right next to the Hopewell Center:

No. 12 is a Blue Invader right next to the Old Wan Chai Post Office:

No. 13: A Kung Fu Fighting Dog (aka Hong Kong Phooey) caught in the headlights…

No. 14: Big Blue Invader on one of the cool old-school buildings with those rounded corners:

No. 15: another Big Blue Invader:

No. 16: One more Dollar Sign in the middle of the busy shopping area of Causeway Bay:

No. 17 is a big Kung Fu Fighter with an Invader very close by… Can`t help thinking of the classic tune by Carl Douglas “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting…”

No. 18, a Small Gold/Red Invader on the column of a flyover, right next to Victoria Park

No. 19 is something of a statement:

No. 20 is an Orange Invader, nicely matching the surrounding flowers in color:

No. 21 is a Small Gold/Blue Invader:

No. 22 is a such a classic: PAC-MAN

No. 23 is a Big Red Invader:

No. 24 is a Kung Fu Fighter kicking at an Invader…

Two Invaders had unfortunately been removed by the time we got there. Only traces of the tiles were left :(… (on the map these are indicated by a red pin-marker):

UPDATE (on Feb. 9, 2014):

I was able to locate a couple more Space Invaders. This time not only on Hong Kong Island but also in Kowloon (No. 28-30):

No. 25: A Small Ghost (which is located on a pillar right across the Sheung Wan MTR exit D)

No. 26: Double Gold/Red Invaders on the outside of a parking structure between the Macau and the Central Ferry piers.

No. 27: A Gold/Red Invader watches the passengers coming and going at the Central Star Ferry Pier

No. 28: Popeye invading Nathan Road, TST

No. 29: One more Kung Fu Fighter kicking at an invader (I think, it’s somewhat funny that this one is applied on the outside of a retirement home.)

No. 30: A Kung Fu Fighting Dog (aka Hong Kong Phooey) in busy Mongkok.

And unfortunately one more “destroyed” Invader which was located very close to the Clock Tower in TST…

So, if you are in Hong Kong and enjoy street art don’t miss the Space Invaders and make this city your outdoor gallery. Enjoy.

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  1. Passed by Star Ferry tonight. The large red invader (No. 05) has been partially destroyed. Not sure whether its because its being taken down or the tiles fell off.

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