JR’s “Inside Out” in Hong Kong

JR’s global art project INSIDE OUT made a stop in Hong Kong in the fall of 2012. In a “vertically dominated” city like Hong Kong, where skyscrapers seem to reach ever new heights, JR cleverly chose the top of a pedestrian overpass right in the heart of Central as the platform for his pastings. Since the pastings could only be seen from above, the interested observer had to find a high vantage point. Just across from the overpass in question, the branch of the renowned French gallery Perrotin offered just that, the perfect point of view from above. Being located on the 17th floor and equipped with huge glass windows and cushioned benches, the gallery offered not only a spectacular but comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, it featured a JR exhibition, entitled Pattern, and offered the possibility to participate in the INSIDE OUT project right then and there. A photo booth had been installed in the showroom and enabled every willing visitor to take his or her picture which could then be taken home as a giant printout. Simply awesome! Honestly, how often does it happen that a visitor is able to participate in a cool and fun art project and then take his or her very own “objet d’art” home? Hardly ever! All in all, it was a great happening!

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